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Thursday, 23 January 2014

How to Prevent your Child Overindulging in Social Networking site Facebook

Prevent your child on Facebook letmeconnect.blogspot.inIt is good said "Internet is a boon but if it is enjoyed responsibly". When this punch line comes to today's era, we have to concern about social networking sites. We all are enough aware of the good side of coin, but the another side is really must to discuss.

The fact why I choose this topic of preventing your child overindulging in social networking site like Facebook, in just the beginning of my Letmeconnect blogging journey, is to first draw your attention to the harmful side of social networking. And being a co-admin of this blog, it's my moral duty to take the most precautionary, carefully and emotionally part of your life and that is obvious your child.

I'll surely write a post for advantages of social networking sites for your child, but drawbacks are more. So I prefer to write first about the drawbacks of social networking sites for your child.

I'm specifically emphasizing on Facebook, you can use these precautionary measures for other social networking sites like Twitter, Orkut, Myspcae, GooglePlus etc.

Let me write the things which are harmful to your child, followed by the tips to prevent your child overindulgence.

How Facebook may be harmful to your child -

1. Explicit language on Facebook is the first issue, where I want to emphasize more. You are well aware of this issue on Facebook. There are no such filters on Facebook to block these explicit and abusing languages. This is the time for your child to learn new words, so these languages can affect your child beginning.

 2. There is no Verification to join this site, so it becomes very easy to sign in. Sometimes a man make a profile of woman and take the malicious use of this profile, may be because of some marketing strategy or for entertainment. No set of rules are issues to the users. So it is harmful to your child to interact with unknown and befriend with them. You can hear such cases of online affairs and molestations on television and newspapers.

3. Pop-up ads having nudity and something else that your child should not watch, are the general issue. You can see such pornographic pictures or ads on Facebook wall, which can ruin your child. More than enough Violent and sexiest materials are available to harm your child.

4. People with malicious intentions can access your child profile.

5. You must admit that the age of 12 to 18 years, is the most important time for your child to way his life. If during this time child indulge more in social networking sites like Facebook, he is sometimes stay away to his family. So parenting your child can be challenging most of the times.

6. We all adults are aware of the easy settings for privacy and security provided in Facebook, but not our child. His profile can be used maliciously and harmfully without these easy settings.

Tips to prevent your child Overindulging in Facebook and to ensure his safety -

1. First ask your child for his Facebook Login details. It would be better you own make his sign in.

2. Regularly check his Facebook profile and find friend list. If you find someone unknown or anonymous, try to get his details.

3. Make all privacy and security settings.

4. Say your child to avoid posting photograph.

5. Just regulate the amount of time he spends on Facebook.

6. Always interact with your child and educate him about the drawbacks of social networking sites.

7. You must join Facebook yourself and add your child to your friend list. In this way you can keep an eye to all latest updates make by your child.

8. I recommend you to letting your child indulge in other games like indoor games or outdoor games. These are far better for his mentally and physically growth.

9. Regularly check the internet browser history options and please don’t allow pop-up windows.

10. I suggest you to move his computer in an open area like hall or any place where you can keep an eye to his activities.

11. Discuss with some software experts or your friends for better security options or Software for Facebook.

12. Regularly check his academic results, if not satisfactory, take some extra measures.

13. Preferably avoid letting him register if he is not mature.

You must make that extra effort to secure your child. He is child, but not you. So keep it up and be a responsible father or mother.

Say if you have already made some safety measures. It will surely help other parents. Ask for any query related to this article

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