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Friday, 14 February 2014

How to Create a Facebook Page for your website or blog

Facebook, the name itself is enough. A biggest social networking site where billions of people are hanging out together or a place where millions are connected with each other on a single platform. Facebook was born in 2004 and it has grown very speedily and now become the most used social sharing site all over the world. The main reason is Facebook's success is that it is mostly spread in teenagers and youngsters. Moreover, it always update itself and supplies some extraordinary and amazing features to users' time by time.

Facebook is not only limited to fun or entertainment, it actually turns out into a great source of online marketing. It's very much helpful in Business promotion over the net. A business grows when sales come. One can use Facebook to promote their Brand and can get potential clientage through it.

Facebook provides the facility of creating a Facebook Page. It can be any kind of Page like celebrity Page, Movie Page, Entertainment Page, News Page, Funny Page, Community Page, Company/organization/Institute Page, Brand/Product Page, Local business or Place Page or can be a page for any Public figure.

The main benefits of creating Facebook pages are

A) People can search you easily.
B) They can easily like your page, read your posts, share your posts and stay updated with latest activities.
C) A big number of audience has been in touch with you always through your Page.
D) It will help people to understand your marketing strategy and latest happenings.

Now the Question is arising how to create a Facebook page.

Here we guide you in simple steps how to make a Facebook Page.

!) Login to your Facebook Profile. (Remember initially you will be the admin of Page that you created, later on you can make another person too)

2) Visit

3) A Page will appear in different categories. Select a Page category, according to your niche.

How to Create a Facebook Page

4) When you select a category a drop down menu appear. Select a more specific one and fill the Name for your Page and click on "Get Started" button.

5) After that, another window open. Add a suitable description for your page, put your Website's Link (or any blog, link if you have) and choose a unique Facebook web address for your page (I must suggest you to choose a simple and short one so that people can find you easily) and then click on "Save Info" Button.

Adding Description About Facebook Page

6) Now upload a best suited image for your page so that users can reach on your page easily and click on "Save Photo".

Uploading Image for Facebook Page

7) Now add your page to your favorites by clicking on "Add to Favorites" button.

Make your Facebook Page your Favorite

8) If you want to promote your page, then go through it otherwise skip the next step and your Page will appear.

Promote your Facebook Page

9) Now your Page has been created(As you see in image our LetMeconnect Page. Be the first to like it. Upload a cover photo on your Page.

LetMeConnect Facebook Page

Now you can see everything is perfectly shown on the page. You can edit details, can promote your posts, able to see the insights of the page and also you can invite your friends to like the Page. Now share your post and enjoy marketing.

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