Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Top 5 Websites Where you can Play Free Online Games

I don't need to ask you that you like to play games on computer, or not. I know your answer will be definite Yes. Some of us think that playing games whether online or offline, is a wasting of time. But let me tell you Many researchers have examined that playing games on computer or mobile is very important for the growth of your brain. It gives a calmness to your mind from all anxiety.

Here I'm sharing a list of Top 5 websites where you can play online games from your computer at no cost, i.e absolutely free. These all websites store a variety of games in different categories like action games, racing games, sports games, puzzle games, Shooting games, funny games etc. which are absolutely free to play online.

1. Armor Games :

play free online games
 Armor Games is one of very popular website to play online games for free. It gives you best experiences on the internet and on your mobile phone. It runs very smooth on iOS and Android devices too. It has a good collection of games and all latest games are available on this website.

2. Kongregate :

website to play free online games
 It is a nice place to play free online games. This website has a huge collection of thousands of games, you must like.

3. FOG :

play online game absolutely free

Free Online Games (FOG) is one of my favorite website to play online games absolutely free. It has a good collection of free adventure, flying, driving, defense, puzzle, sports, multiplayer games to play online on your computer or mobile.

4. Addicting Games :

how to play online games free
 Addicting Games is one of the best and popular website to play online games for free. Here you will get a huge collection of games in different categories of strategy, car, shooting, sports, action, puzzle, funny games etc. You can also have a good collection of multiplayer games. These games can be played online absolutely free from your laptop, MAC, computer, smartphone and tablet.

5. Game House :

play online free games on pc and mobileGame House is a good website to play online games for free. Here you find a huge collection of Iphone, Ipad, PC, Mobile online games absolutely free.

If you feel any trouble related to these websites when playing online games, let us know through comments. Hope you enjoy.
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Monday, 12 May 2014

How to Block Facebook within your PC/Laptop

Do you want to get rid of your Facebook addiction? Is Facebook preventing you to do your job? Are you not able to work efficiently due to Facebook? Well Facebook is a kind of stuff which becomes very popular within the short span of time and actually it has become the biggest addiction of many. People actually got stuck in it. Whenever they open their PC/ Laptops they first check their Facebook and after that you go to another work. And it not only stops here while you are doing any work it strikes in your mind and what you do that, time hold that work and start checking Facebook again. Many times you left the work undone and got engaged in Facebook and waste your crucial time.

Blocking Facebook on PC

Most of the teenagers of this century are completely lost in Facebook. You can see them online everytime. The addiction of it is on extreme level actually. From the starting on the morning from the time they got up till night until they go to sleep (sometimes whole night) they hang in it. Even though they know there is nothing in it but still they check it within each half an hour. In my point of view, it is a kind of disease. I mean Zuckerberg has made this tool for attaching people more closely, but sure this was not his intentions.

Its not only limited to teenagers even youngsters are also attached to it very much. Most of them use it to maintain their relationships with their boy friends/ girl friend. They chat over it for hours and sometimes they go sleepless whole nights and then face the problems of headache, body pain etc.

A survey has been taken and it comes in report that people who use Facebook too much, mostly forget the work they need to do and waste all their time in checking others updates and then get frustrated due to not completing the task within the time. Well, if you are also one of them and want to stay away with this big problem, then I have made this post only for you. In this article I will tell you the way of how you can block Facebook on your PC/Laptop so that not only you but no one can access Facebook in it.

Through this post you can learn how you can prevent yourself by accessing FB by blocking it in your PC. This technique is sometimes not good, but in order to stop a bad habit, nothing is bad in it.

For this purpose you have to make changes in the ‘hosts’ file present in C Drive of your PC. this ‘hosts’ file is found in different location in different operating systems. Have a look below where you can catch it in your PC

In Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vita and 7 you can find it in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
In Unix or Linux you can find it in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
In Mac OS 9 you can find it in system folder in Preferences
In Mac OS X you can find it in /private/etc/hosts

Now the next task is to make changes in this "Host" file. Go to the appropriate location within your PC and then open hosts file in notepad.

Now you will find script in it. At the end of the script you have to add following lines.     www.facebook.com     facebook.com

Now save the changes you have made and you are done.

Windows 7 has a different method for it because in windows 7 it is not possible to edit the "host" file. approach is different for it.

1) Right click on the host file.
2) Go to file Properties
3) Now move to Security Tab
4) Now under group select users or user name and then choose edit button.
5) A new window will appear ‘Permission for Host Window’.
6) Now select users account and click all the check boxes under "Allow" name. Now you have granted the permission in ‘Permission for SYSTEM’
7) Press ok and done.

So here you have learned the techniques of blocking Facebook in PC's. Trick is very helpful for those parents who wants to prevent their child from this time wasting addiction. It is also very much useful for the folks who got distracted due to this Facebook. One can save a huge amount of time using this method. Give it a try, it will definitely save your precious time and you can be able to perform well within your work.
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How to Update status in Hindi using Google Hindi Input Tools

Many times when you open your social networking profiles you see your friends updates their status, posts in Hindi. You got to wonder after it and though how these texts written in Hindi. Well, it is always not necessary to put status in English because maybe you may not get that much excitement in English where texting in Hindi serves you that kind of feel. Also lots of not understand in English what you actually want to say through your post or status. Hindi is the mother language of India and mostly Indian people will use it for this technique of writing in Hindi.

There are hundreds of tools for Hindi typing by which you can type in Hindi by entering English alphabets. Well, whenever you update your status you need to use the internet for it. So in this post I will also tell you about Google Hindi Input Tools through which you can easily type in Hindi just by using your normal keyboard. It is very easy to use and in simple steps you can learn how to utilize this amazing application.

One can use this tool online or can download to their PC too. Look at below and do it.

1. Visit here.
2. Now it will show you the option for select language. Choose Hindi in it.

Selecting Hindi Linguage Option in Google Hindi Input Tool

3. Accept Terms and Condition and click download.
4. Now once the downloading completed go to control panel in your PC and select the option “Region and Language” in it.

Opening Region and Language in Control Panel

5. Now choose “Keyboards and Languages” tab and you'll find “Change Keyboards” option there. click on it.

Choosing Keyboards and Languages option

6. A new window will open "Text Services and Input Languages". In this select "Language Bar".
7. Now in this tab select “Docked in Task Bar”.

Language changing Bar

8. Press on and you have done.
9. Now open Google Hindi Input Tools and start typing in English alphabet. It will automatically change it to Hindi.

Inputing Text in Google Input Tool

So you have learned here how to write in Hindi in Google Hindi Input Tools. Once you write whatever you want to post copy that text and paste wherever you loved to update it.
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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Top 5 Websites to Free Download Full Movies Online

download movies absolutely free
Top 5 Websites to Free Download Full Movies
You are definitely fond of watching movies whether you have to go for a cinema hall or you have to purchase any CD,DVDs. But not every time it is possible to purchase cd or book a show in cinema hall. Though this is an era of internet, you need some online solutions to make your interest fulfilled.

That's why I'm sharing a list of Top 5 websites to freely download full movies online. You don't need to purchase any CD or DVD, simply download your favorite movies from these list of 5 best websites absolutely free. You don't need to pay a single coin to download through these websites.


This website is very easy to use. There is a list of categories of different movies where you can select your favorite movie to download it to your computer or mobile. Simply choose category, select your favorite movies and click on download.


This is one of the best online movies download website. Moviescrib website contains a huge collection of Bollywood, Hollywood and much more movies for absolutely free. You have to choose your favorite movie from the categories shown in website. Then search for your favorite movies and click on download. It is very fast to download your favorite movie at your computer. If you're fond of watching old movies, this website may help you better.


If you're fond of watching Hollywood movies like me, then it is the best place to download. This is best website on basis of downloading movies quality and speed. You have good choice of high quality formats of video files.


I put this website in top 5 list of free download full movies because of its unique feature of downloading of movies in many different languages like you can download Hollywood movies in Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and much more languages. Here you have a vast collection of Hollywood, Telugu, Marathi, South, Bollywood and many more movies to download freely in your mobile, tablet or computer. It also provides you a facility to watch live TV for computer or laptop.

You have to simply search your favorite movie from search bar, and click on download to save it to your computer or mobile.


MovieVilla is also an interesting website to download your favorite movie free online. The quality of downloading movie is very high at mobiles or smartphone but it may be low at computer. So i always prefer to use movies from Movievilla at my smartphone or mobile. This website also offers us to download Hindi Dubbed Hollywood movies for free. It also provides us to download mobile videos and games.

If you find any trouble using this top 5 websites, let us know through commenting below. You can also download movies from Best Torrent Websites which offers you good formats of quality. If you're regular to watch movies at YouTube, then you can Download YouTube Videos to your PC or Laptop.
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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Top 5 Cricket Apps for Live Cricket Score & Streaming

Are you fond of watching a game of Cricket? As we all know Football fever is one the biggest gaming fever all over the world, but Cricket is not too far away. Of course Cricket is played by the limited number of nations, but the craziness and the excitement of fans from all over the world is on the top notch. This fever goes on seven skies when a big tournament like World cup, T-20 world cup, Asia cup, Ashes series, IPL T-20 comes. Fans all over the world need to update with every moment of these all formats and for this they always check news channels and sports channels time to time when a match runs.

IPL T-20 is running nowadays and in India it is like a festival season. Due to elections some of the matches were organized in South Africa but now it comes back to India. In a country like India Cricket is like a religion. Folks finishes all their tasks as soon as possible and when a match starts on TV they sit in front of it and want to enjoy every ball. But many times it is not possible to watch the complete match or stay updated with the news channel in order to know the match score. If you have also a busy schedule and have no time, then no need to worry. I made this post for you only.

Smartphones are nowadays in everyone's hand and it is a most powerful weapon as I have already written earlier you can use it as a keyboard and mouse on a PC too. In this post I will tell you about the powerful android apps through which you can stay updated with every single match. You can catch the scores ball by ball and even some of these apps also provide you the facility of live streaming. You can easily install them on your phone and get the pleasure from these. So without any further delay have a look to all amazing apps.

1. Starsports App

Starsports App

Most popular sports channel starsport develop an amazing app for gaming lovers. One can get the updates of Cricket, Football, Tennis and Formula 1 from it. It updates very fast and delivers you the scores as early as possible. If you use 3G or WI-Fi connection you can see live streaming of matches too.

2. Live Cricket TV

Live Cricket TV

As the name suggests it is a kind of Live TV where over 120 channel one can enjoy live streaming of games for free. It supports both 2G and 3G networks. One can simply install it from play stores.

3. The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App

The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App

ESPNcricinfo is one of the huge cricketing websites where not only you can get the scoreboard updates, but it also provides you the detailed records of each game, each player, news, ball by ball commentary, match summaries, tournament schedules and much more. The app on this site is also same as it. Install it today and enjoy.

4. Cricbuzz Cricket

Cricbuzz Cricket

Crickbuzz is very popular in android phones. You can find it in the top apps of play stores. It is widely used by the cricket lovers. It operates smoothly on every connection and one can stay updated with scores on a single click. All cricket related news feeds, scorecards, match alerts and upcoming match updates you can find on it.

5. Yahoo Cricket

Yahoo Cricket

Worldwide used a huge website Yahoo also made a cool app, Yahoo Cricket for the cricket fans. It is too similar with the above apps and easily available in play store. You can watch the scores and read the ball by ball commentary over it. Also stay updated with the current partnerships along with batting and bawling orders.
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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to Set Up Vacation Auto Responder in Gmail

Google no doubt is the best and topmost search engine over the web in this era. Mailing services of Google, Gmail are considering as an authentic mail provider that is used by all the professionals in every field in the internet industry. Gmail always comes with the fabulous features as we have already seen in last few year's themes, category wise mailing, uploading your own image in background and much more.

Another superb feature of Gmail is a vacation auto - responder. I can describe this service as Gmail will send an automatic reply mail to those who mailed you when your vacation responder in on. This g\feature of Gmail is very helpful when you are on vacations or do not have internet access or not able to access your gmail. So whenever you are temporary absence and want to respond your contacts you can set up your vacation auto-responder on.

Here in simple steps i tell you how one can set their vacation auto-responder.

Step 1 : Login to your Gmail account.
Step 2 : On the top right of Gmail account click on gear.

Selecting Top Gear http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Step 3 : As soon as you click over there choose "setting" from it.

Setting Option in Gmail http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Step 4 : You'll automatically in the General tab. Now scroll in in to Vacation responder section.

Vacation Responder of Gmail http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Step 5 : As when you click on Vacation responder, you'll find the option for turning it ON. now select Vacation responder on.

Turning ON Vacation Responder in Gmail http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Step 6 : Now it will ask you for filling the appropriate body text with subject. Fill the message you want to reply back to your mailers.
Step 7 : Now in next tab you can select to whom you want to auto respond. If you select people in my contacts then it will not respond to anonymous mails. Also if you are using Gmail apps, an another option is there to send a response to people in your domain. If you check both then all the people who are in your contact list and in your domain will responded automatically.

Filling Details in Vacation Responder in Gmail http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Step 8 : Now click on the "Save changes" at the bottom of the page after completing all above tasks.

Saving Changes http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

So you can see that it is very useful feature in order to maintain a professional relationship with your known ones. One will not get distracted as when he/she mails you, they will get this automatic mail and get notified that you are not present there to replay them back instantly.

Few of the points you must know while turning on vacation responder.
1) Mails that are appearing in Spam folder will not get a vacation response.
2) Messages addressed to a mailing list you subscribe also not receive a vacation response.
3) If a sane person mails you more than one time, then he will get the same predefined mail back as a response.
4) If you edit the auto respond mail then mailers now get edited response.
5) If you have already set up your personalized signature in your settings then it will automatically add to your auto respond mail at the bottom.
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How to Increase Twitter Followers using Twitter Directories

One always becomes famous when he/she will have a great fan following. Most celebrities have a tremendous fan following and it grows time by time. When it comes to social media, Twitter is the place where followers are counted. On twitter one can share their activities up to 140 characters. Well, many of the celebs using it to connect with their audiences. They all get natural followers as their fan following in real life is also huge. But what if you are not as much famous as others. What do you do then to get more followers.

Don't worry if you have no such a big fan here I will guide you how you can increase your followers on Twitter. Twitter directories are the solution for it. There are many directories on which you can add your twitter profiles and can grow numbers of fans hassle free. Here in this post I will talk you through top twitter directories you have to be listed, but before proceeding I will tell you what actually you'll get after using these directories.

1) As soon as you listed your twitter profile into it you can increase your fans naturally. In these directories people search others based on their interests and follow them.
2) One can search easily other profiles in any field and can follow immediately.
3) Some of these also offer Pro services at affordable rates. So if you want paid fan following service, then you can opt it easily.
4) Directories are easily available on the net for free. You can join them anytime.

Now have a look at the top twitter directories where you can list yourself.

Wefollow - Top most and much popular directory. Started in 2009.

Wefollow Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Twitter Counter - You can see your twitter account statistics through it by login into your twitter account.

Twitter Counter Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

JustTweetIt - In whichever category you list yourself in it. it will categorized all users of different interests.

JustTweetIt Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Twellow - It actually works as a Yellow Page for twitter. It contains millions of users and increase day by day.

Twellow Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Twibs - Its a Business directory. In order to improve your business it is a best place to list yourself.

Twibs Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

TweetFind - It is similar to Twellow. A Yellow page directory where users can be found category wise.

TweetFind Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Connect.me - In this you can "vouch" each other. The more you get vouched more the authority of your twitter profile increases.

Connect.me Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Twibes - It actually create Twitter groups of similarly interested people. List yourself here and find users of your niche.

Twibes Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Twiends - It works on Coin method. Increase your coins by following others and return back those coins to get followers.

Twiends Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Twitaholic - It lists users on the basis of their fan following.

Twitaholic Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Book Trade Directory- It is actually for authors or for the book publishers.

Book Trade Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Legal Birds - Directory for Lawyers.

Legal Birds Twitter Directory http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

These all are the best Twitter directories. If any changes occurs we will update the list accordingly.
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to Stop Getting Emails of Facebook Notifications

In my previous posts I have already written lots of great things about Facebook. Interesting stuffs about Facebook, scheduling the posts, the connection between Facebook and Twitter, Facebook fan page creation, Facebook like box and much more. Whatever activity you do over FB, you will get notification for it. If you update a status and someone liked it or comment over it you'll get notified about it with a Red color mark on the top. If you shared a post, shared a photo, uploaded a pic/video or even commented on someone's else status and if someone replies back on it you will also get notification for it.

If any of your friend invites you for liking a page or for any event or any game request all the notifications will arrive at you. Whenever you open the Facebook Id you will see them one by one and took the appropriate actions on each. But actually sometimes this notification becomes a headache for you. The big blow occurs at that time when you come to know that each notification that is appearing on your Facebook Id also coming in your associated ID as a mail through which you are operating your Facebook. If you are a frequent user and get 15-20 notification daily it means you'll get the same number of mails too.

Sometimes those mails are useful if you want to track of your Facebook activities, but mostly it only increases the unwanted mails and also occupies the space too. One method is that when you open your ID you select all mails by once and delete them. But what when the number of mails in thousands. In that case it is best if you do not get those undesired notification mails. You can stop it. Notification mails will not come to you. Look here some easy steps how to adjust email notifications.

Step 1 : Login to your Facebook account.
Step 2 : Now click on the top right of your Facebook's homepage and go to settings.

Go to Setting Page of Facebook http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Step 3 : As the setting page opens you will see the link "Notifications" in the left menu.

Notofication in Left Menu http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

Step 4 : In this click on "Email" and Press "Edit".

Email Setting in Facebook http://letmeconnect.blogspot.in/

step 5 : Now here you can select either you want to receive these notifications mails or want to stop them.

In my opinion, it is best to stop getting those space engaging notification mails. Very easy and hassle free task.
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