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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook

Facebook is a community where people always get the updates of their loved ones by reading their status, by viewing their latest pics and whatever the activities happening in their lives, you'll get updates of those events. Not only this one also puts their updates on FB, upload their lovely moments captures and videos on Facebook as with every new occasion.

But as we know in this busy lifestyle sometimes we don't get enough time to go to Facebook and update our status their. If so, then not a big issue it is. One can update their status any time without opening their Facebook ID. Facebook provides the facility of scheduling the posts, photos, videos. One can schedule the posts up to 6 months in advance within the intervals of 10 minutes. So if you are also looking for how to schedule your status, then here I am explaining you step by step how you can do it easily

Step 1 : Login to your Facebook Id in which you want to schedule your post

Login to Facebook

Step 2 : Write your status which you want to post. One can also upload a video or photo in order to schedule them (add the details too).
step 3 : Now you'll see a clock icon in the bottom left as shown in below picture.

Where to Schedule Facebook Post

Step 4 : Now click on that icon.
Step 5 : Here you find the option for selecting Date and Time on which you want to update your post. choose appropriate timing.

Select Date and Time to Schedule your Post

Step 6 : Now click on schedule and you have done.

Scheduling Facebook Post

While after the feature of the timeline has come if you choose the date of past, then the post will automatically appear on your page's timeline on the scheduled date.

Mostly this method is useful if you are operating a Facebook fan page. You can easily schedule whatever you need to post prior, according the taste of your clientage. It also helps in business growing and one can easily expand their business by using this advanced technology.

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