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Thursday, 1 May 2014

How to Connect Facebook and Twitter With Each Other

Facebook and Twitter, two of the best and strongest weapons in the world of internet marketing. As all we know Twitter is mostly used by the celebrities and they love to tweet about their latest activities on it. But sometimes you got wonder that what they tweeted will also come on their Official Facebook Fan Page too. Well, most of the general public use Facebook, even I can say FB addict. But twitter is not as much as Facebook, because people are not too much familiar with it.

Connecting Facebook and Twitter

But the question arises, How tweet appear on Facebook automatically. So here I come to my main point that how we can connect our Facebook account with twitter, Facebook fan page with twitter or our twitter profile with Facebook. Here in simple steps I will explain you how you can make a connection between both.

Linking Facebook to Twitter

1) Login to your Facebook Account
2) Go to the Link
3) You'll see a clickable link there named as "Link my Profile to Twitter". Now click on it.
4) Another page will open and you'll see another clickable link there named as "Authorize app". Click on it.
5) A page will appear with a Green tickmark "Linked to Twitter". Now your Facebook account is connected to Twitter.
6) You can make the necessary changes according to you in next check boxes.

Linking Twitter to Facebook

1) Log in to your Twitter account.
2) Go to
3) Now at the bottom you will see clickable link "Connect to Facebook". Click on it.
4) Now click "Log in with Facebook" and log in into your Facebook profile.
5) As soon as you log into Facebook, you will automatically redirected to a page where it will ask you "Allow". Click on it.
6) Now your Facebook and Twitter are connected.

Linking Facebook Page to Twitter

1) Use the above steps for connecting your Facebook with Twitter
2) Now again open
3) Here you'll find the option to connect your Facebook Page to Twitter. Select page which you want to connect.
4) After that it will ask you for "Allow permission". Click on it and you have done.

The most important benefit of it is that you no need to put the status, posts, photos or anything on these both platforms differently. Once your Facebook profile is connected with twitter, whatever you post on FB, it will appear on your twitter profile too and vice versa. Same concept for Facebook Fan Page too.

If you are a business owner then its the best way to reach your audience with a single click.

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