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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Some Easy Tricks to Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer and Mobile

how to download youtube videos
Everybody use YouTube to watch videos online. YouTube is undoubtedly a huge and most used online video website. Millions of user daily watch their favorite videos on this giant site YouTube. But they can not download that video and in only this feature the Youtube is lacking behind. Youtube do not provide you any direct option to download any video rather than using any third party software and tool.

You generally think that why you are not able to download your favorite Youtube videos. You need some software or tool like Youtube downloader to download your favorite Youtube videos. But in this article I'm sharing some easy and simple tricks to download Youtube videos without using any other software or tool.

Trick 1.

1) Open youtube website and click on your favorite video.
2) Now Click on the URL of your favorite Youtube video in the address bar.
3) Simply type ss before youtube in the URL.

Like let your video URL is
type ss before youtube so that it will look like

4)Hit Enter

Now this youtube video is redirected to an another website and here you have option of downloading this Youtube video in many formats like MP4, MP3, FLV, 3GP etc.

Trick 2.

1) Open your favorite video.
2) Now click on URL of your favorite Youtube video in address bar.
3) Type ok keyword before Youtube in the URL.

Let your video URL is
Just make it to

4) Now hit Enter and click on the save button to download this Youtube video to your computer and mobile.

Their are many other tricks to download these Youtube videos, but I like these tricks most as you can download Youtube videos to both computer and mobile, and you have many options of format to save video.

Try these tricks and let me know through comments if you have any problem.

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