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Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to Add Facebook Fan Page to Website or Blog

No-one can refuse the fact that Facebook plays a vital role to popular your website or blog. Facebook has a significant place in social networking to connecting more users. It would be a greatest marketing and branding tool if it is used wisely.

Now back to my real topic, I suggest you to add a Facebook fan page to your website or blog. By doing this, you will be able to connect and share messages and updates to your readers and clients. Before Going
to easy and exact steps of adding Facebook fan page, I'm giving you a brief, but enough idea why it is more effective way of driving traffic to your website or blog.

How Facebook Fan Page Widget works for your Website or Blog -

You need to have a Facebook page on Facebook social network site. If you've already created this page, then it's good. But if you don't have, you should read How to Create a Facebook Page for your website or blog. After reading this post, you would make your Facebook page and now might be ready to connect your website fans or readers to Facebook page, or vice versa.

When you connect your website to Facebook page via  Facebook fan page widget , you are able to divert your regular and original readers to your Facebook page from your website or blog.

When a reader hit the Like button shown on Facebook fan page widget, he is able to show website latest updates and posts on his Facebook wall, and could share with his Facebook friends. So the sharing your website updates and posts increases with the hit of Like button.

I personally find it a great and dynamic way, to divert more traffic to website from the giant social networking site Facebook.

Now my readers are full familiar to Facebook fan page widget, let me share the easiest steps to add this fan page widget on their website. These steps are valid for both wordpress and blogspot users.

Easy steps to add Facebook Fan Page widget to website -

Step1. First go to Facebook plugins page.

Step2. Change the Facebook Fan page URL with your Facebook page URL. In my case this is

Simply I'm changing to

Step3. As soon as you enter your Facebook page URL, a automatic preview tab will shown on window. You can make changes in settings. Let do change your own and look at the preview tab. After you have changed all settings, Click on Get Code.

Here is a quick snapshot of my another blog stechnotrick settings. Facebook fan page widget

Step4. After clicking Get Code, a pop-up window open showing four options for plugin code. Select IFRAME option and copy the given code. Facebook fan page widget

Step5. Now Login to your wordpress or blogspot. Select Layout and then click on Get a Widget section where you want to add Facebook Fan page. Choose a Text widget and paste the code.

Step6. Save the widget and, then save the layout settings.

In no time you will find the Facebook Fan Page widget on your blog or website.
In my blog it looks like Facebook fan page widget

Let me know If you face any problem while adding this widget on your blog. Share your experience and queries in comment box to help other readers. 

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