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Friday, 25 April 2014

Some easy but amazing tricks of Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly a most popular social networking site. Everyone of us has made this a part of our daily life. Everyday we update our status, change profile pictures, comment on other status and  many things, which engages us with our favorite social networking site Facebook. But in some points we always lack while using Facebook site. These are the easy tricks which makes Facebook more interesting. We always amaze when some of our friends use these easy tricks on their wall post or status.

Let me share some of very easy but amazing tricks of Facebook, which will make your daily experience with Facebook more interesting. Just read these easy tricks and perform on your Facebook status or post.

1. Posting Status Upside Down or Flip Words. This is most interesting trick, you might have seen some posts where the text words or sentences are flipped or you can say that the text is posted upside down. There is nothing very difficult, you can easily perform this trick. Follow below steps

how to post upside down

1) Click on FlipText.
2) Enter the text in text area what you want to Flip, and click on Flip Text.
3) Copy the Flip text and paste it in your Facebook status or Post or comment box.
4) You've done. Share this to your friends.

2. Turn On Chat only to Selected Friends. Sometimes it becomes difficult to reply all your friends when you've a big list of friends on Facebook. You can reply to selected number of friends. But we don't feel good when they're sending messages and we're not replying them. Here you can use a simple tweak to appear online only to a few selected friends, while for others you will remain Turn off or not online. Actually you are blocking those friends to find you online. Just follow these easy steps.

1) Just login to your Facebook account.
2) Find Chat box at the lower right side of tab page, Click on Options.

how to block friends on facebook

3) Now click on Advanced Settings.
4) A pop up Advanced Chat Settings box will appear on page.
Here you've three options. Choose any easy option.

If you want to block only some of your friends, click the first option. and type the names of friends you want to block, then save it.
If you want to turn on chat for only some selected friends, click on second option. And write the name of friend you want to chat, then save it.
If you want to Turn off chat for all, click third option and save it.

how to block friends on facebook

I think this is the easiest and cool way to turn off or on for some selected friends of yours.

3. How to hide your status from some friends. You want to keep some of friends or relatives away from your recent status, may be some privacy reasons. You can hide your status from those persons by following simple steps shown in figure. You can type in names and lists to hide the status post from them.hide your status

4. How to use your Profile Picture as Chat emoticon. Now this is my favorite one. You might have used so many emoticons while chatting with your friends, but you never send them your own pic as a emoticon. Let me share a easy trick so that you can share any picture as an emoticon.

1) Open your chat box and start chatting with any friend.
2) Type [[Name]] , Replace Name with any username which picture you want to send as an emoticon.
Check these in your chat box  [[Facebook]], [[Zuck]].

5. How to find out who visited your Facebook Profile.
Try these all tricks and make your facebook life more easier and interesting.

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